Overview of Nordisk Museologi

Nordisk MuseologiNordisk Museologi is a peer reviewed academic journal, released three times a year, that gives the leading authorities on Nordic museum and heritage studies a forum to share the latest developments in the field. The journal collates perspectives from a diverse set of scholars around the world to illuminate and expand on issues related to Nordic museology, art, and cultural and national heritage.

Sponsored by the Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Nordisk Museologi is recognized by several official museum associations in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The main editor is Brita Brenna, of the Center of Museum Studies, University of Oslo, Norway.


The journal publishes articles primarily in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. English articles are also accepted, particularly from Icelandic, Finnish, or non-Nordic countries.

Submission Guidelines

Articles, as well as suggestions for articles, submitted for inclusion in the journal must not have been published or scheduled for publication in another journal, monograph, or similar.

The journal does not impose limits on what authors can discuss in their work. Theoretical and topical articles are welcome, as long as they explicitly engage with heritage and museological subjects covered by Nordic museums and other related fields.

Submitted manuscripts are expected to be in polished form, conforming to the highest standards of scholarship as well as language. The maximum length for all articles is 7,000 words—this figure includes all notes, sources, and references. Authors may also suggest illustrations or pictures to accompany their article.

The manuscript must be submitted in two forms: the complete article, and the article as intended for peer review. The manuscript for peer review must not contain any personally identifiable information. Both manuscripts are to be sent as separate email attachments.

Nordisk Museologi has an extensive style guide for prospective authors available on their website. The style guide covers all issues related to manuscript formatting and language.

Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts to Nordisk Museologi are evaluated by the journal’s board of editors, who hail from Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, and selected for peer review.

The peer review process is double-blind.

Once a manuscript is accepted by the editors for peer review, it will be evaluated according to relevance, research question, structure and content, form, and language to form a comprehensive evaluation.

Nordisk Museologi will then allow the author/s of the article a period to revise based on the peer reviewers’ comments and suggestions.

The revised version must include an account of how the author integrated the suggestions of the peer reviewers into the text, as well as the text with the changes highlighted.


If you are interested in finding and learning more about what Nordisk Museologi has to offer, you can check out the archives. There is a wealth of interesting information available in the archives going back over two decades.

When we checked out the archive, we found articles from Nov 1995 all the way up to 2020. The archive has been neatly grouped based on the issue and year, which makes it easy for you to browse.


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