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About Nordisk Museologi

Our mission is to inform and connect families and individuals struggling with addiction. We hope that this website and our blogs help reduce the stigma associated with talking about the disease of addiction.

At Nordisk Museologi, we believe that shame and secrecy compound the suffering of the addicted person and their loved ones. We hope to provide a respectful forum where people with personal experience in suffering and recovering from this disease can share their experience in a supportive, open-minded and tolerant environment.

The bloggers on Nordisk Museologi are not employed by Nordisk Museologi, and the views presented in this blog site do not represent the views of Nordisk Museologi or its staff. Information contained in these blogs should not be used to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions. If you have a health issue, mental health concern, or substance abuse disorder it is recommended that you consult a licensed health and/or mental health professional who will be able to provide you with a proper health assessment.

Nordisk Museologi does not host any user generated content. Users are permitted to share or quote content found on this site as long as proper attribution is given.


Our goal is to provide ethical and compliant resources on Nordisk Museologi to support our visitors and their on-site experience. We aim to make our site as transparent as possible by marking ads to distinguish them from editorial content, disclosing our sponsors, as well as Nordisk Museologi’s relationship with our website and our helpline. We authenticate our paid sponsors using the same vetting criteria utilized by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to ensure that our partners are licensed and credible.

Our content is impartial and unbiased. We do not endorse or subscribe to any particular recovery method, and we believe that the personal decision to seek treatment is one that should be done autonomously and with the support of all possible information.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of financial integrity, and we do not sell or broker admissions, or engage in unethical “consultant contracts.” If you encounter any marketing practices based on calls made to centers or helplines listed on this site that you feel are deceptive, unethical, or misleading, contact us and we will do our best to correct the situation and help you find a trustworthy provider.


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